We are all… Connected

As I approach the third Note on Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the idea that this could NOT be something to explore boggles my mind.

But I don’t know what to write tonight.

I don’t know if I’m too tired, too drained, too quiet in my home, my feet too cold or my tummy too full, but the idea of explaining the notion of “we are all connected” literally has me in tears right now.

I believe this Note to be true.  Full stop.  I know this Note to be true.  Full stop.

And it is not because of social media, or online relationships, or anything of the like that could arguably TAKE AWAY from the pure, in-your-belly feeling you get when you are connected with someone eye to eye, face to face.

Have you ever walked by someone, and for a second your eyes lock and you both smile?  That happened to me today.  It wasn’t sexual, or romantic, or a glance down to see if there was a wedding ring moment – it was just two people who shared a feeling who may never see each other again – and then, it was gone.

This encounter reminded me that by stripping away all that we tend to rely on to keep us connected, the human soul will always go back to what it knows – finding in others a little love, a little light, a little laugh and maybe, just maybe, a little connection; that connection may last a few steps on the sidewalk on a sunny March afternoon, or the fortunate chance of lasting a little longer to help that connection grow stronger.

We are all connected – don’t fight it.  Soul mates may exist.  Life-long partners may exist.  I don’t care for labels any more; but whatever you call it, embrace the beauty of our fellow human beings.

We are all pretty fucking awesome.



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