#sevendaysofblackandwhitephotoshonouringmybody Day 1 – Legs

In late 2016, I did a seven day of honouring my body.

I started a new job only weeks later – someone reported these photos and I it was asked that I take them down. I was body shamed and made to feel embarrassed and I did what was asked of me in fear of being fired.

I started looking for new work the next day and it took a full eight months for me to leave that toxic place.

Today, I am embracing my body. It has taken me a full year to finally forgive that woman for making me feel bad about what she thought she saw. She focuses on the pictures and not the essence of why I was doing it. My recent blog post on Single at 41 has prompted many strangers to reach out and remind me that my voice is not only mine, but it represents the voice of many women who have not yet found theirs. So, I continue to do what I do because I can.

Today starts my #sevendaysofblackandwhitephotoshonouringmybody I encourage you to do the same. Today I honour my legs.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoorI have never loved them but recognize they get me through my days, my workouts, my days of strolling and thinking, my days of running to clear my head, walked me along the beach to getting married, got me to the courthouse to file my divorce papers, pushed me through the maternity ward doors to give birth to my babies, and many times through the emergency room doors when those babies where sick, rocking back and forth for hours. These legs have been touched and kissed and made to quiver. They have had to be strong to hold my 230lb frame up when all they wanted to do was collapse.

They will continue to do amazing and wonderful things and no.matter who tells me that they love them just as they are, it is only me who matters in the love affair with them.

Legs… Thank you. You fucking rock.


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