Day four of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s 7 Notes on Life bring us to D: Do.

She says in her TedX talk, “If I were to tell you to do that one thing tomorrow, you will instantly know what that is.”

The notion of talking about something as opposed to just doing it often times will lead to less of a likelihood of that “thing” coming to fruition. 

I believe this to be true.

I woke this morning, tired and a little confused as the alarm went off at 5am; but I knew today was DO day. 

So, I did. I won’t go into details as to what I did but it was something I really wanted to but let fear get in the way. I took a breath and just did. 

For today, do. For tomorrow, do. For the next day, keep doing. And as Amy says, don’t talk about it. Intention and action are very different. 

Do you know what you have to do?



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