Empty Space

Today was about enjoying the Empty Space; disconnecting and just being.

On the way to work today, I pondered this idea of Empty Space as Amy describes it in her 7 Notes on Life. To me, it is about enjoying the silence, the less busy and quieting the noise in our head.

I shut all my notifications off on my phone today on the way to work (all but text messaging and phone calls – well BBM as well for a separate reason but we won’t get into that). Part of the empty space is sometimes creating it where it may not otherwise exist.

Surprisingly, not having that constant distraction forced me to really look at my day; what thoughts I was left with, what plans I was making, who I daydreamed about. It was incredibility refreshing.

I am fortunate for undertaking these 7 days. I am learning more and more about myself, my misgivings and definitely what is truly important to my life.

How do you shut off and just be in that empty space? When was the last time you tried it?



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