Feeling sexy is nothing to be ashamed of…

I am obsessed with Amazon’s Original “American Playboy:  The Hugh Hefner Story”.

For anyone who knows me, sex is something I don’t shy away from.  As I used to tell my then-single girlfriends, don’t ask me anything you’re not prepared to hear an honest answer about.

Hef’s story is one of revolution, empowerment and keeping up, if not ahead, of a lot of the cultural and social shifts that happened between 1960 and today.  Sure, the series shows some nuddies once and a while, but it really had to do with his vision and philosophy around sex – don’t be ashamed.

I did my first boudoir shoot five years ago.  I showed a little cleavage, flipped my blond hair for a sultry look and held a string of white pearls in between my teeth.  I was getting comfortable with a new-found confidence I had never had and my photographer was finding her own amongst her artform – Julia has evolved in leaps and bounds and my most recent shoot with her was phemonal.

Today, I bring you to a shoot I did back in early December, a time when I was learning to navigate in an unlabelled relationship with a man I had loved dearly, feeling somewhat robbed of the grieving process with the loss of my dad and the stark reality that for the first time in 40 years, I would be waking up to Christmas morning on my own.  I was dealing with a lot.  So, why wouldn’t I strip down to nothing and show my goods to an absolute stranger?

Sam from Crave Boudoir Photography was very welcoming.  She featured me on her blog today and I’d like to share it with you.


If you find the female form at all offensive, size 2 or 24, please move on.  I will not tolerate any negativity as the essence of this shoot was for me.  And if I inspire one woman out there to do this for her, my job is done.

Here’s Sam’s link:



2 thoughts on “Feeling sexy is nothing to be ashamed of…

  1. Adina,
    Such a beautiful blog post, gorgeous pictures and energetic spirit. Thank you for sharing. You wear self love, acceptance, and owning your sexuality well. May we all take a picture from your book. See what I did there? That was pun!

    Xo, Sandra


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