To the a$$hole who called me a land whale (updated)

I am choosing to share this post I published back in July that got over 4,000 reads because a lot has been going on behind the scenes in response to the Mannequin Series by artist/photographer Julia Busato.

Her album on Facebook has gone viral.  My photo received over 8,000 likes and 500 comments – all of which I read and some responded to.

Well, as I woke this morning, my photo has been removed. It was this one included below.  So, I am sharing in an effort to break the ban and stand up for my right to express myself.

Please support Julia and what has now become a world-wide support of her Mannequin Series – Women Who Don’t Wnat to Fit the Mold.

CLICK HERE to see more!


Originally published July 2016

I shared a photo shoot I did with a close friend of mine for our June birthdays recently. Two of the shots was of us and me individually promoting body image and body acceptance.  I was proud to participate in this series  because I now know if you do not love your body at 300 pounds chances are all the weight you lose wont help you accept where you were and where you’re headed.

The photos were shared on several media venues, one of which was a share via our amazing photographer #juliabusatophotography and #bigandblunt. From there, the photo received close to 2,000 likes and several open unfiltered observations; one of my favourites was, “LoL. You’re fat”

One person had the courage to say certain pages and conversations allow these land whales to perpetuate unhealthy lifestyles.  This person knew nothing of my story. Nothing of my journey. Not even if I chose to associate with actual land whales… how rude.

Today, I would like to thank that person and their freedom of speech and narrow mindedness for pushing me to prove more than ever you can be proud of where you are no matter what size or weight.

This morning’s work out dedicated to you, friend. You have single handedly reminded me why I am so transparent with my journey.

For more please follow

Love you! It’s a great place to start.


3 thoughts on “To the a$$hole who called me a land whale (updated)

  1. You my love are an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing this post.You were beautiful before and you are still just as beautiful ❤

    Shelbee Fraser

    Liked by 1 person

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