Me But Different – A Journey of Discovery

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This blog was originally started as therapy during my initial stages of my health and weight loss journey. It became an essential part of my success during which time I lost close to 100lbs.

I then focused on giving back to so many of the women and men who supported me and my struggles – I certified as a plus sized trainer and trained clients one on one, in groups and virtually. Thus, Discover Your Strength was born. This was a place where you could find the support and encouragement you need as a woman starting out on her journey to fit! Or, the continued guidance you need to get you to the next level of fitness.

Over the course of the last two years, my life has had quite the detour, but not derailment! I have gone through a seperation, back in the full time workforce, faced loss of a parent, abriken heart and with a significant injury, gained 45 lbs back and was not looking after me.

I have put my personal training on hold. For now, I am doing extensive therapy and goal setting that has me on my own road to recovery.

I am glad you are here. You can see more of my blog on the archives listing or “latest” published. My virtual training options are in the menu and I am always here to chat!

Thank you for dropping by!



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