I have been blessed, at an early stage of the game, to work with some pretty amazing women.  A few words of their experiences so far…

PS – Oakville

I am one of the many Adina has inspired. Watching Adina change her life and see what an amazingly positive impact she’s had on others made me return to running after 2 years of it just not feeling right. After telling Adina about my woes, she encouraged me. Not like a drill sargeant, but like the caring, understanding person she is. My incredible, shrinking friend, you are one person in this world that I can honestly say I admire. Never stop being you!

KM – Georgetown

If I could choose one word to describe my interaction with you regarding fitness and nutrition, it is ‘real’.

I believe in you and your knowledge because you are ‘real’.  Your journey has inspired me to work on goals I thought I never would or could accomplish.  In communicating with you I can feel your passion for improving your health and mental well being.

This has ignited a passion in me for the same thing, but also the confidence to follow through with it.  You are always available to support me when needed.  The strength you have to post your struggles with weight loss and nutrition to help not only yourself, but others is admirable.  I’m fortunate to be able to reconnect with you, especially on this new life path.  It’s a life path I have been thinking about and considering for many years, and I finally found the courage to start that journey, in part because of you.

AR – Milton

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Adina over the past few months and I have found her to be very knowledgeable and a fantastic motivator. Adina is very open and willing to share about her own personal journey and as a person who is trying to get fit and lose weight it is nice to be able to relate to her in that way and know that it is possible to achieve my goals. Her workouts are a killer but also very fun and her nutritional coaching has also been a great help. I wish her much success as she establishes herself in the Health and Fitness industry – she is going to help change a lot of people to become healthier, happier individuals, me included!


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