I had the pleasure of doing another shoot with Julia in early April of 2017.  A little bit of response to what had happened a month prior.

Thanks to Julia Busato Photography Jules Busato for allowing me to respond to the recent #mannequinseries attention.

This meant a lot to me, what the series represents and who I am as a person.

Finding my voice has been a huge part of my #journey, my #setbacks and my #resurgence.

This has helped me remind me why I do what I do.

#bopo #bodypositive #accept #love #bigandblunt #censorship

In March of 2017, a social, digital and tv media craze brought the Mannequin Series from Julia Bustao Photography viral across the globe!

As one of the many models in this #bodypositive series, I was featured in two of these online articles and thought I would pay a little homage to Julia’s amazing work and hat’s off to all the amazing women who were, are and will part of this project.

I blogged about this when my photo was first added to the project back in June of 2016 – see my blog HERE.

For more on Julia’s work, please visit her Facebook Page HERE.

I am very proud and honoured to have been included in such a great cause that had a lot people questioning censorship and our rights to stand behind the purpose of such a project.

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