Always Trust the Magic

I had the fortunate opportunity to have an impromptu dinner at a good friend’s house tonight.  Her thoughts as to why I wanted to come by were way off base – my reasoning was simple – to see her and catch up.  Birthdays, vacations and work shit had all taken place in the short span of two weeks, so we had lots to chat about.

The lamb was delicious and the coffee was what we both needed as we wound down our Sunday night.

I couldn’t help but profess how incredibly happy I have been; twice I think.  At one point as I was describing my why, she produced such a look of pure contentment on her face it made me stop in my tracks; I had to call her out on it.  I hadn’t seen that look on her face in a long while and, as it happened, she clearly hadn’t seen the look on I was displaying on my face in an equally long time – just one big cheese-fest and I loved every nano-second of it.

Let me take you back a couple of weeks:

I have been recently introduced to Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  If you recall (or maybe not), she recently (March 3) wrote an article entitled “You May Want to Marry My Husband” in the New York Times’ column Modern Love.  This article was read to me one night.  Now, I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep the 1:30am or hormones, but it brought me to tears several times.  The article then lead to watching Ms. Rosenthal’s Tedx Talk on the 7 Notes of Life.  It was this Tedx Talk that brings me to My Feels tonight (writer’s note:  should you follow the links I have included in this, please note Amy’s story, while incredibly beautiful and inspiring, took a turn for the worse this past week.  I feel I owe you this so you don’t come back and accuse me for withholding information).

I have decided to use these next seven days to focus on what Amy so eloquently described in her 7 Notes on Life – seven simple facets in life that bring us back to the wonder and awe of this amazing gift we have been given; the ability to wake up every day and do what ever it is we want to do.  As I am brought back to the dinner with my good friend tonight, I reflect on Life Note #1


I left my HR career on a foggy Friday afternoon in February five years ago.  That morning I had just received my name plate for my city-view office.  It was sitting on my desk as I walked in to start my day and ultimately end my career the I had focused on for so long; 13 years to be exact.

As I looked down on the black ALL CAPS lettering of my name on the stark contrast of the silver, I was reminded in that little 6 x 1 inch piece of plastic that life is full of small magical moments.  That name plate represented so much to me in that exact moment.  It represented pride in what I had accomplished; it reflected all the amazing people I had met over the course of my career; it held the faces of all the people I had helped find their first job, work through their terminations, and heal a lot of the personal weight that slithers into our work-life; it also was completely and totally synonymous with how ‘temporary’ things can be in life, while feeling so permanent.

The magical moment I recognized in that name plate was just that – everything can be and is temporary.  Sometimes we go into life and think permanent – marriage, the house you just bought, your career, hair colour, religion, vegetarianism – whatever!  But that little silver plate reminded me that I can rip myself off any ‘door’ I have been stuck to and re-imagine my life somewhere else.  I needed to trust that magical moment; it was there just when I needed a little reassurance.

What does this have to do with my dinner tonight?  Well, I’ll tell you.  As I was telling my friend how incredibly content I have been, music was playing in the background.  It’s rare I can hear lyrics in songs unless I am completely glued to the speaker.  But as I gushed, at the exact same time, we both commented on the lyrics playing – “Living in the Moment” (on a side note:  as I’m typing this, the song just came up on my playlist!).  We giggled and both saved it to our SmartiePhones for a later listen.

It was this that reminded me to Always Trust Magic… magic in these mini moments that happen daily and that we may be too busy to recognize; the happenings that seem coincidental but are really anything but that; the finishing of each other’s sentences, the email that pops up in your inbox when you’re thinking of something, the feeling you get when it’s super quiet that maybe, somehow, all this is just going to work out.

I will write over the course of the next six days on Amy’s other Life Notes.

I hope you will join me in putting a little bit of her legacy to practice.

Are you taking the time to always trust the magic in your life?

Well, why not?




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