Let Me Give You a Hug – Not a KISS

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My take on the importance of a healthy relationship with food and how that impacts the littles in our lives.



What’s in the Cart (shared via ToTS)

Have you decided to start focussing on a new found path of nutrition?  Looking to fuel your body to get through the day rather than feeding your feelings?  Maybe the thought of this is so overwhelming it’s preventing you from taking the first step… well, I hope this short article keeps it simple and practical so the food myths are debunked.

10255963_10152381172620359_509925555662420370_nSee you in the perimeter!

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What Do You No Longer Miss? (shared via ToTS)

There are certain things in life that you feel you will never be able to part with – your smart phone, your mom’s fool-proof way to get out candle wax from the carpet or maybe it’s a rock of a friend who never disappoints.

During our weight loss and getting healthy journey, there are many things we are happy to say “au revoir” to and a number of “I thought that was myth” experiences we are all too happy to welcome.

I had the great fun of surveying my once-obese friends to see what it is they have permanently removed from their new found lives; and on the flip side, what it is they are most enjoying.

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