A Catholic Girl’s Confession of the Evils of Yoga Wear

Something incredible has happened over the last little while.  I am a new me.  Really.  I don’t know what’s happened, or who is responsible, but I have a renewed sense of focus I didn’t even have two years ago when I met my trainer for the first time.  Back then it was scary to think of everything I would need to change, give up and do.  Right now, I know what has absolutely worked and what has not, so my knowledge is now leading me down a path of complete clarity and purpose.

I am up 14 pounds.  God that hurts to see on the screen of my laptop.  I haven’t weighed in or taken measurements in a very long time.  And when you’re not accountable to ANYONE or ANYTHING, it is so easy to go back to old habits.  And it has been the words of a very good friend that has shifted my perspective. I am paraphrasing here, but essentially his philosophy is you need to leave behind what was.  And what was includes all the things that used to comfort me.  Eating when I was sad, lonely or happy.  Being completely and embarrassingly addicted to white pasta (I could cook and eat an entire package and still want more!).   Eating popcorn EVERY NIGHT with butter and salt and the occasion pop (soda for my American readers!).  And, I hate to say this, yoga pants.

download (1)I worked corporate for a long time and while there was a period of time there I only bought elasticize-waisted pants and skirts (and eventually just moo-moo type flowy dresses), I still owned jean, albeit size 22/24.  Having to ‘do up’ pants is accountability.  When you don’t have that, terrible things can happen.

Leaving the world of water coolers, monthly birthday celebrations and the (no offence) boring schedules of conference calls and round table meetings, left me vulnerable to a life of leisure suits and pjs.  I do work from home half time, and at fitness locations on the other half.  Both neglecting my need to do up pants.  So, shit, I say .  Sliding into a pair of jeans the other weekend, made me realize something was up.  And that up was the scale.

I guess the point in today’s post is surround yourself with all forms of accountability.  I am currently doing a 100 miles in 100 days challenge – I’m accountable to my calendar on my fridge counting down from 100-0 and the 40+ people in our running group.  I am participating in Chris & Heidi Powell’s DietBet to lose 4% of my body weight in four weeks – I’m accountable to the scale and my after picture.  Pants… ugh, this one hurts.  I will only wear yoga pants after coming home from work and if working out. – I am accountable to myself on this one and I need to profess, this one scare me.  So many of my friends are envious to the fact I can lounge, but lounging lends to lounging-like activities and with that, I can’t be George Costaza and his velvet suit.  I just can’t.

Find one thing that will keep you accountable today.  And I do encourage that whatever that one thing is, stick to it.  I have a lot of great things I’m looking forward to this Spring.  Photo shoot, travel, a 10K.  These are my focus as I choose the button and zipper over the elastic.



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