What’s Next?

It has been an interesting few days.  That lull between Christmas and New Years is always a tough one.  Not so much when you’re obese and you normally would continue on (if not in greater force and apathy) the grind of eating and being fairly inactive.  This year, I managed to ward off most of the temptations, but having some house guests around, I snacked on chips and indulged a bit more than I had hoped.  Three days of having my gym bag ready also failed, but I’m somewhat content with where I am.

I have received six separate messages from friends over the course of the last 14 hours that this is Adina’s year – 2014 will see big changes and that my life will take a great turn for the best.  I have to say, I am hopeful and happy others see the optimism in my journey and for that I am eternally grateful.  It was not only the heartfelt messages that gave me a boost today, but my weight loss story was also featured in Huffington Post Canada last night.  A great honour and a definite reason why my blog got over 800 hits in the last day.  Thank you for the story and the amazing feedback….  http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/12/31/weight-lost_n_4520604.html

The question now remains, what’s next.  Do I start a new year as I have before, without any goals or items to scratch off my list?  Nay. I have decided to focus on three main things for all of 2014.  I have also started a bucket list.  These two categories I am treating very differently.  My goals are day in and day out thing that I need to keep complete top of mind in order to eventually achieve my bucket list items.  Here are my goals:

PicsArt_1388605035531Now rewind to My Year in Review post and remember, I have had very little experience reflecting back on the year past and forward thinking to the year ahead.  And while there have been many entries of wishes and dreams to squeeze my ass into a sexy pair of jeans and sport a quick white tank, the end results were never achieved because I didn’t put in motion what needs to be done to get there.

This year, like many a blogger may be writing today, is different.  It is different because I know hard work pays off.  I know because I have done it (I’m not doing it right now, but I have done it).  And I believe my three goals are so encompassing that if I execute and succeed in these three simple goals, the results will be there.

Now, I could have made these goals massive and more defined, but I need to to create my path in a way I know I can move forward.  It’s simple.

Mind:  meditate for five minutes a day to give thanks for what the day brought and what my intentions will be for the day to come.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Well, I suck at meditating.  I have tried and tried so this five minutes will be work, every day.  And to have five real minutes of quiet will be a treat not only for myself, but a clear mind and focussed intention is just better for everyone around me!

Body:  One hour of activity five times a week.   Under my previous post of “Guise of a Workout Addict” it may LOOK like I get a lot of activity in, but it can be sporadic.  I endevour on this goal so I am doing something for at least 60 minutes five times a week.  And with this, I need to start letting other things go.  This is a big deal for me.  As mentioned, I had my gym bag packed for three days straight and it was putting others before that prevented me from going.  I’m not blaming anyone else around me for my choice other than me.  I let it happen so I need to ensure I am putting me first and that others around me understand the importance of getting that activity in.  I feel better, I do better and I am happier and I can live more productively.

Fuel:  Track my food six out of seven days.  History has shown I completely suck at this too.  Honestly, terrible.  But I know if I write it down, I am accountable for me.  It is easy enough to eat the kid’s leftovers from their plates as I clear the table.  But if I know I have committed to myself to write it down and then need to own up to it, I believe this will be a true reality check for me.  I could have said no sugar, no white processed foods, eat clean, blah, blah, blah.  But honestly, we all know that shit.  The thing is, if you write down that you are eating three cups of white pasta five days a week, you own that.  And either you live with the harsh reality nothing will change or you say, “It’s here – in black and white and the results are ‘x’ – so make a decision.”  I have never taken this approach and I am again hopeful, this one step will domino effect all the choices I make.

My bucket list so far includes a few of the following (all as a result of my three on-going goals for the year)

-Boudoir Shoot

-Monkey Bars with my daughter

-Another 5-5k races

-One 8k run on my own

-Something completely out of my comfort zone that I would have never been able to do before when heavier – zip lining; paddle boarding… something like that

-Try three new foods (from the nutritious column) that I would have never thought of trying before

-Order from my local Organic Farmers for weekly fruit, veg and eggs

Just a few things right now, but the list will continue to grow.  I will be super happy as I cross those items off!

I have a few challenges going on right now too.  These will add to the momentum of January.

Thank you again for continuing to read and I do look forward to great strides in 2014.



2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I know you know how happy I am that you are MEDITATING daily!!!! stillness is a beautiful way to get peaceful about where you are at and open to where you are going. Happy New year bud and I look forward to connecting with you again soon!


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