Paying It Forward

I have been blessed to work with a number of women in the last couple of months who trusted in me the continuation or start of their fitness and nutrition journey.

Deciding to go into personal training and then taking my Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist accreditation was something I did for someone else.  I did it because, even eight months ago, I was making decisions based on others’ expectations of me.  And while the means may not justify the end I am currently at, I am glad I did it.

This may not necessarily be my passion.  It may not necessarily be something I am the best at.  But seeing other woman try new activities, push their bodies to new heights and at a very minimum, acknowledge the relationship they have with food, is truly rewarding.

I was given the gift of fitness and proper nutrition two years ago… I can’t believe it’s been two years.  And I didn’t know then where my life would be in a year or two.  But knowing now I can pay it forward (as Sam from Tips of the Scale {www.tipsofthescalle} put it) and offer other woman even the idea of a chance of more comfortable, more confident life is something extraordinary.



I have been busy the last few weeks – finding work to help with the bills, working with a couple of clients, dealing with a lot of mental drama that quite honestly has knocked me off my feet – but during all of the scattered schedules and running around, that 45 minutes with the woman who wants to feel better in her wedding gown, or the shift working mother who after over a decade of neglecting herself, to care for a dwindling family wanting to give back to her body – it’s been wonderful.

I thank you, clients and friends who have turned to me for support and whom I know are there for me as well.  While I continue on my own journey, with the daily and sometimes hourly struggles of making the best choices possible, I am forever thankful for trusting in me that my path can somehow impact yours.

There is a long road ahead, pushing out those who need to continue to play the lottery and loving those who will definitely be taken care of when I win mine (thanks, Laura!).



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