The Guise of a Workout Addict

Yes, I go to the gym four times a week and yes there are days I do workout twice.  But I am here today to confess!!

It was our first official weigh in last night for our 90 day challenge and I stepped on the scale and was up 1.2 (it wasn’t actually 2 lbs).  I expected it.  I expected it because I have been accustom to staying in the same 5 pound range for the last…. well, seems six months.  So what gives?

I did gain a half of an inch on my arm, down an inch on my waist and down five inches on my hips/belly button meridian.  So some would say, Adina, you are gaining muscle.  I would whole-heartedly believe all you optimists if I were 10 pounds from my goal weight.  But, I’m not.  I am 50 pounds away still and have a good deal of fat in my midsection (although 5 inches is pretty awesome), on my back, my thighs and have come to realize my ass will be with me forever (which I am so okay with!).  I have a lot more fat to lose.  However, I do know my body composition is changing.

My daughter came across a picture of me from high school, circ 1993.  I was probably 160-ish then.  She, in her oh-so trying to be polite way, said, “Wow, mom, you were holding a lot of weight there”.  Proves that although I was 40+ lbs lighter in the picture, my body is so much more lean now than it was.

Why the post?  And why the title?  Because I love weights.  I love them.  I could do them for hours on end.  But if I’m not burning the fat in my body, the fat will take years and years to finally burn off from what my muscles are lending me.  The other confession here (PS – that was me confessing I don’t do cardio) – I still don’t pay attention to food.  Ya, I don’t eat white pasta like I did.  Ya, I don’t eat chocolate or cookies like I did.  Ya, I am so incredibly more aware of the fuel I put in vs. the other 35 years of my life, but it’s not a priority.  Why?  Because I have convinced myself the strength-training and one or two cardio classes is enough.


Month one of the challenge is gone.  Month one of my free GoodLife membership is gone.  Month one of my free mommy-time is gone.


Month two has begun.  And this is what I’m changing up.

AT THE GYM:  I workout at the gym Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and occasional Saturdays.  I am now doing 40 minutes on the treadmill and I do this FIRST!  My lame-ass reward??  Weights.  As I run for 2 mins, incline at an 8 at a lower pace for 3 mins and recover for 1 min (then repeat, repeat), I salivate looking over at the ladies pumping blood through their veins and get to test their bodies in new ways.  I will get through my cardio and then indulge in my weights.  Yes, I know.  Some would say a Pumpkin Cream cheese muffin is much more a reward but I know cardio is what I hate so it’s what I shy away from.  So I need to find a reward that works.  And my strength training it will be.

IN THE KITCHEN:  get my head out of my ass.  The end.


I would also like to thank the trainer at the gym who approached me and said she could see my body changing.  Felt great!  And I do appreciate the words of encouragement.  I will continue with what I was doing, but throwing in the four days of cardio and sticking with Zumba twice a week.

Month One done!



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