The Challenge, My First Fitness Class, New Clients, Podcast Interview and More

What a whirlwind last week was for me.

After posting our 90-Day Challenge picture, I kinda feel like I went into a bit of a depression – mentally and emotional (and spiritually).  I don’t go through ups and down often with my emotions, but last week was tough.

How did that translate into results?  Well, I was up two pounds, but did get in all my workouts and ate well.  So why the gain? This is a perfect example of how emotions play such a huge role on your weight loss journey.  You could be “on track” (I hate that phrase) or “doing good” (which I despise – just chuck those sentences out of your vernacular) – how about all in line with your daily and weekly promises to yourself and the body finds a way to go into fight or flight and it starts to hold on.

I am super stressed I’m not working.  I have never NOT worked.  Have always had my own money to get by, pay the bills and enjoy a Starbucks when I wanted.  I have drastically adjusted my lifestyle in the last year, by almost 75%.  I was making only a quarter of what I was used to and seemed to be just getting by.  Now to have nothing – it’s tough.  And it is major life events like the one I am in right now, that easily can suck out our energy… but this is how I’m handling it.

A close friend of mine recently reminded me “Focus on all the good you have right now, and it is a lot.  You have a lot to be thankful for.”   So I shifted my thoughts quickly and snapped myself out of the slipping slope I felt I was going down.

I have been given an opportunity to welcome new things into my life that I feel otherwise, I may not have been able to because this is the time I now need them – and some AT NO COST!

1.  A three month FREE membership at GoodLife to workout whenever I want and attend classes wherever I want all across Canada!

2.  Six LifeClasses that a friend of mine is offering.  As a new course, she has extended the offer to me and my friends FREE – an almost $400 value!  Honestly!

3.  Time.  I have been given the gift of time.  Not a lot of people can say they get that (ever!).  So time to focus on my workouts, time to write, time to clean my house, time to look for work.  I have time now!

4.  Opportunity to Share my story- with the blog and my connecting with others, I am getting my story out there.  I would like to thank Sam from Tips of the Scale ( for finding my story, seeing potential in sharing, and interviewing me for his podcast.  Airs Friday September 27th.  I love meeting new and like-minded people.

5. Opportunity to Train – while looking for space to rent to bring on some clients, Senei Jonathan Kenney of CMAC in Oakville ( offered an opportunity to come in to lead a fitness class.  I was SOOOO nervous, but the energy in the room was amazing and the group was nice and sweaty afterwards.  While it is so like me to wait and anticipate next steps, I don’t even care! I am so grateful for the chance Sensei passed on to me, the moment in itself was amazing.

My Dojo Class!
My Dojo Class!

It is amazing that although things are really tough right now, opportunity and the good things in my life are showing up to remind me that I will get through.

I look forward to the continued success of the Challenge, meeting new clients next week to get them started on their own journeys, job search (although dismal right now!) and continuing to work on me.  That 199 image on the scale is my super-goal this month!!

Keep Smiling



3 thoughts on “The Challenge, My First Fitness Class, New Clients, Podcast Interview and More

  1. I don’t train there myself but given the opportunity to train personal training clients at the Dojo. Know I will absorb some amazing talent while there! And the Be Present tshirt is actually from a company, ironically, called Be Present. Thanks for reading.


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