The 90 Day Challenge – Our Group!

I have never done a weight loss challenge… ever.  I tried that DietBet thing once, but was not convinced it was legit.  So, here we are.  I have joined a group of 19 other women led by my good friend, Lillian (a transformation story all in herself) and her business Hamilton Mompreneurs (  Sponsored by GoodLife Fitness and Inspire Fitness, the 90 Day Weight Loss challenge, Fit For Me 2013is one I am so happy to be a part of and supporting.

I am in the challenge, however, not officially in the pool to win.  I am doing this only for me, but know the support of those women in the group will be a great motivator to move on.  I am at a major precipice in my life right now.  Spending way too much time at home as I’m not working, trying to save every penny I have to my name, I can feel myself slowly getting into a rut.  It’s amazing how things happen just when you need them.  This is what I need to focus on and I am certain great things are on the horizon.

Our amazing group of challengers!
Our amazing group of challengers!

I had the privilege of weighing and measuring all these wonderful ladies last night (helping Lil with the admin of the event and as a trainer who has done this before have the qualifications to back the job up!).  And I have to say, we are so damn hard on ourselves.  The different bodies and personalities in front of me was overwhelming; I know these women are not defined by the numbers we shared.  I only hope they soon realize the same.  My scale hasn’t moved in a real long time, but I can say looking at myself in this group shot only makes me proud of how far I have come.  I look and feel so much happier than I was and it will be this and the great successes of our next 90 days that will push me through.

We received a great number of resources last night including a scheduler, which I have also believed in.  Schedule your week out so there are NO EXCUSES!!  My shopping done and my GoodLife membership in hand, nothing but ME can hold me back.  And we all know that just wont happen.

Happy following!  Weekly updates will be posted.



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