Results: Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 of my 5 week summer challenge has come and gone.

Still one of my most favourite quotes!
Still one of my most favourite quotes!

Here are my results:

Weigh In:  203.4 – remained as is from last week (down 3 from start)

BMI: 33.8 –> Obese – remained as is from last week (down 0.2 from start)

Hips: THIS IS AMAZING!! 44.5:  down 2 from last week (down 2.5 from start)

Narrow Waist: 36 Inches – remained as is from last week (down 1 from start)

Waist to Hip Ratio: .81 –> Moderate Risk  This has actually gone up although my hip measurement has gone down.  As the ratio between my hips and waist are now closer, I am assuming this increases my risk.  Weird, but the numbers don’t lie!


This week definitely marked a week of agony and major self-reflection.  I battled moment after moment with choosing the right fuel for my body vs. what tasted good and what felt good.  I was even faced with a parenting moment when my son was screaming due to an injury and he immediately asked for a cookie from Grandma. I was at a pivotal crux in my role as mom.  I refused the cookie and told him mamma could give him cuddles and kisses.  With confused eyes from the on-lookers, I held my ground and we saved the cookie for later.  Through some major counselling and work on my own, I have come to know that I started comforting my own lack of feeling protected with food at the age of 8.  Knowing how the path started and choosing a better journey for my kids, I hugged him, kissed him and he eventually calmed down.  And he got that from  love from me, as this is my job,  and not the calories from a Baby Cookie that would have lasted all of three seconds.

This week, I was stressed and fairly emotional with crises continued to plague me only in my own head.  With all this, and prepping for a job interview, I gained mid-week and needed to re-focus to get back down for the start of Week 3. It was a battle, every moment of every day, but I am happy that I got back down and am here to start another week fresh.

This week’s challenge is vacation.  Luckily we have to pack our own food and prep meals.  I will make the time to get in my cardio and ensure my weight training is done before I go and then when back on Friday night.  I am also volunteering for the CanFit Pro Conference over the weekend.  I know my schedule and what barriers to expect and being able to plan is really 85% of the battle!

Thanks to all who have read and commented and encouraged me to continue on.  Over 1,000 hits to my blog and some pretty amazing leaders in health and fitness following me!  Much thanks – I hope you get but one little nugget of inspiration or motivation to continue on or start your own journey.

Much love,



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