Living a Life of Me

Me and Angelina after a sweating workout!
Me and Angelina after a sweating workout!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with someone this week that I have never worked out with before and that has been an acquaintance of mine but never really a friend.  I am hoping that is about to change.

It was reading Angelina’s own blog about finding the fit and fabulous her that inspired me to start blogging through my own barriers to the next phase of my journey (  I want to first thank her for finding the courage to put finger to keyboard to journal her own path and experience.

I came to realize after our 45 minute session of intervals that all our stories are very similar. And while this journey is lonely, we can rest assured that we are not the only one making changes, finding strength, falling down and learning to pick ourselves up.

Angelina’s story is one that I know too well.  And without exposing all she shared with me, I want to share this – we need to let go of who we thought we were, who others expect us to be and start living of life of me.

What is Your Life of You?
What is Your Life of You?

Until we are willing to go of EVERYTHING that is hindering us from living a life of ME, it may be impossible to move from where we are – if that’s a place of being stuck, then chances are, that’s where you may be left until things give.  I left my career.  That’s pretty big. With that stress and worry lifted off my shoulders I saw a shift in my weight dramatically the months following.

What else? I started being me. That’s a pretty big thing too – I stopped being the hub of my extended family. I didn’t meddle in who was doing what, making sure everyone was taking care of and communicating regularly.  I haven’t talked to my dad face to face in over a year.  Reason being? I can’t take responsibility for choices others make.  I wake up every day knowing that the life I lead and the lessons I teach my children are the only things within my control.  I can’t persuade or alter what others do in their lives.  I will just send out love to them and hope one day they find the love in themselves to have me back in their lives when ready.

But there are other facets in my my life right now that are stuck.  And I need to realize, until I unstuckafy them, or at least have the courage to want to change, I will be where I am today.  So I either need to ‘be willing to get rid of the life that was planned for me’ or carry on not living in absolute truth.

This isn’t easy.  You may wake up every day miserable in your relationships, but unwilling or scared to move forward because of how that decision will impact others around you.  You may be sitting at a desk right now reading this, knowing that you were not meant to sit in the confines of a cubicle typing away at a computer.  You may be overweight, 40, 50, 60 pounds or more and just do not know what has to give for you to live a life of freedom and health in a body what was given to you as a gift at birth.  What life is waiting for you?

My formula of nutrition and activity may be a simple one, but the third and most important part of this equation is what happens in the 24 hours of every day of our lives.  If our actions are not supporting where we WANT to be, all the greens and squats in the world wont sustain us.

I am going out to run my 5k today and think about small changes I can make to move closer to the life that is planned for me.  I hope this post inspires you to make some similar steps.



2 thoughts on “Living a Life of Me

  1. Such an inspiring post! I just found your blog and I am loving catching up with old posts. Thanks for sharing your vulnerabilities and your passion to connect with other women – it is working!


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