Ugh! The Weight of Weighing Yourself and the Wonder of a Woman I am

I have never been one to weigh in mid-week when weekly weigh-ins is something I’m sticking to.  In fact, I went several months without weighing myself as the power I gave the number I saw on the scale was too great.

Knowing I wanted to drop those 3.4 lbs this week has been gnawing away at me since Monday. I had a wicked fitness day yesterday getting in over 15,000 steps, a lower body strength training workout and then 35 minutes of intervals last night.  So, why not step on the scale this morning.

The power in numbers – I am up a bit mid-week when I theoretically should be down.  So, let’s dissect.

My activity is in check.  In fact, I have added two days of intervals on my strength training days.  I am now doing six days of cardio.  Three days 45 minute intervals, two days 35 minute intervals and one day 5K run.

So, WTF? – ya, that’s right, FOOOOOOD! The focus that was to be for my summer challenge.  What gives? Life gives. I have put what tastes good before what I want. And it really is that simple.

What else gives? I know I’m not fueling my body enough with the activity I’m putting in.  Now home with the kids, I am easily getting in my 10,000 steps, when before while at work, at day’s end I may have been at 3,000.  And with my focussed training schedule, I am burning a lot more calories than I was.

I am Wonder Woman
I am Wonder Woman

The Plan for the Next Five Days (because I am determined to get to 199 by Tuesday!):

-no after dinner eating other than protein – I don’t drink protein shakes as I can’t digest the whey, but I’m going to try a couple of more. Any suggestions?

-focus on my macro nutrients to ensure I’m getting in the right balance of fuel at every meal – complex carbs, protein and fats

-cut the sugar – thanks to a dear friend who brought us back chocolate from the UK. I am happy to say they have been consumed and are now out of the house and on my mid-section! But I blame no one but me for eating them

-I will track my food. I am reading a book right now that I will gladly review later and the tip that the trainer gives his client in the story is to track. Just track for no one’s eyes but her own and that way she owns what she eats. And her own self-imposed rule is to write before she eats. I am going to track this on my plan. I love my FitBit and need to embrace the wonderful technology that is at my fingertips!

I will check in with another Weight of Weighing Yourself Post on Saturday before my run to see how my progress is fairing.



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