The Courage to Change

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Since announcing my departure from work, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages.  One in particular I was compelled to share is the following:

I will GREATLY MISS YOU and your big smile! I really do admire the way you live your life, and the chances you have taken along the way, always believing! You are so courageous!!! I am excited for all the new and exciting things that are coming your way!!

I share this for a couple of reasons.  First, I want to commend this client for sharing her feelings.  It is often we experience ‘something’ and the moment goes by and we do not act.  I recently stopped by the side of the road in my car with my seven year old in tow.  I was ah-struck by a female runner’s body and the shape she was in.  So, I pulled up as she was jogging on the spot to cross the street.  The look of fear quickly disappeared from her face when I told her I loved her body and she was in amazing shape.  I concluded with, “I want you to be my after picture.” The lesson here, speak when you feel compelled and act when you feel it necessary.  It is an amazing feeling to bring sunshine to someone’s day even if you appear temporarily crazy.

The second reason I share this is purely in her statement.  She has known me for a year and a half.  She knows me in my new sense of self and exploration.  What she doesn’t know is that before I started my weight loss journey, I was living a pretty predictable and safe life.  I worked hard for my grades in high school, went to University as that’s what was expected, got a job and really thought that was it.  Get married, buy a car, a house, have a couple of kids.  Seemed safe.  But I was miserable. Not because of any one or thing in particular, but I just never felt right about  where I was, even though I seemingly had a good life.

So what changed?

I seized an opportunity.

After my second baby, I was back to work and I literally was sitting in my desk in my office with a big picture window reading policy.  And I thought, “That’s it.  I can’t do this any more”.  The strength I was finding in my body after losing 40 lbs. was starting to translate into other facets of my life.  So I quit.  After almost 14 years in the same career, making really, really good money, I left.  And I had no prospects.

That is when I started believing that change is good and that doing what is sometimes least expected can bring you great rewards.  I was unemployed for all of ten days.  And then another opportunity presented itself.

Finding the courage to make change is a tough thing.  But possible.  What is it that you want to change?  Career.  Relationship. Education. Family life. Whatever your push or pull may be, finding the courage to speak up, act out, react, and just live is a pretty powerful thing.  And one I know from experience can bring amazing things to your life.

Thank you, dear client, for finding the courage to live in the moment, be present and speak your mind.  And thank you for seeing and applauding my own courage for living my life as things come my way.  I don’t have a plan, which is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE to how I used to live my life.  But some how, some way, I know things will work out.

To share your courageous story, email me at

Would love to share your journey.



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