My Sunday Night Interval Workout

For those who have asked what my interval workouts look like, here is a sneak peak.

I do have to admit, hubs and I did a dinner out tonight and I treated myself.  Red wine, white bread, white pasta (although only five pieces), spicy sauce… and about 14 cloves of roasted garlic.

When we finally got home and got the boy to bed, I was stalling in getting outside for my workout. I got caught at the computer and was just not motivated.  Plus, my gut looked like I was about seven months pregnant and my bowels were singing a sad song. Amazing how a quick change back to the old way of eating can cause havoc on the system!!  What a reminder of how life was before.

But, I committed to get in at least 32 minutes of movement.  Here you go!

Warm Up:  1 minute walking

Intervals:  2:30 of speed walking; 0:50 of high intensity activity

Walk | Wide Squats | Walk | Plie Squats | Walk | Front kicks w/ Side Pull Downs | Walk | Step Ups on Curb

Walk | Wide Squats with alternate side leg lifts | Walk | Front kicks w/ front Pull Downs | Walk | Run | Walk | Run

Cool Down: 4 minutes walking


Tomorrow we are back to our regular routines again – the long weekend was a great one.  I feel accomplished and focussed to make the next six days amazing and to hit my next goal.  By next Tuesday, I want to be part of that club that I haven’t been a part of for over 14 years!  Yes, that`s right… ONEderland. It was almost eight months ago I had this same goal.  Now, I know it`s in arm`s reach.



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