Results: Week 1 Reflection

It has been seven days (plus one) since I started my own 5-week challenge.  My focus would be on food and keep my activity simple. Six days of fitness with one day of rest and attempting to finally focus on nutrition!

Well, new efforts = new results.  I have been on a plateau for a VERY LONG time. Without repeating everything in a one of my previous posts, my body has been shifting but the scale has been a big pain in my ass.  Here we go!

Three lbs. gone!
Three lbs. gone!


Weigh In:  203.4 (down 3)

BMI: 33.8 –> Obese (down 0.2)

Hips: 46.5 Inches (down 0.5)

Narrow Waist: 36 Inches (down 1)

Waist to Hip Ratio: .77 –> Low Risk (down 0.1)


It was a tough week.  Really tough.  The workouts were great.  Very attainable and I mixed things up enough to keep things interesting. My run Saturday was mentally draining.  Thanks to all the positive feedback on my efforts this week especially words from my newbie runner cousin, Treen:  “Sometimes we just have to give our physical-selves a minute to catch up with our mind’s great expectations. I’ve done it, glad you got back up and finished.”

Being home with my kids full time has been a test.  It not only has been a test of character, patience and strength, but what I’m realizing now is pride.  My whole life I have worked – since I was 8 actually.  Always having my own money to piss away as I wish and not having that financial freedom and autonomy is a test of one’s ego.  My husband has been very supportive and I thank him for that.  This isn’t what I wanted this summer and I am certain it wont be permanent, but I am quickly realizing, with everything else, you just have to get by even if what lies ahead was not part of the original plan – that’s called adversity and hardship and that, my friends, is what makes us fighters!

I am proud of my results this week and my 15 pound goal doesn’t seem so far reached.


I do request that if you are getting anything out of this blog that you share it.  There are a lot of women (and men) out there that are on a similar journey or may not find the inspiration to start.  I want that to be my new focus – helping others make small changes in order to make a big impact on their future.



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