The Summer Begins – Week 1


I will post updates as the weeks progress.  Here are my initial digits for the start of my time at home this summer with the kidlets.

Week 1:  July 28 – August 3, 2013

Weigh In:  206.4

BMI:  34 –>  Obese

Hips:  47 Inches

Narrow Waist:  37 Inches

Waist to Hip Ratio:  .79 –> Low Risk

This week marks the first week off with my kids.  While the idea scared me at first, I am actually looking forward to it.  While we are limited on funds, the creative juices need to start flowing to keep us busy. I am committed to get my activity in, and need to focus on my nutrition with planning while we are on the go and ensuring I don’t get caught in the blah of nighttime TV watching and snacking.

UPDATE:  Wednesday was a write-off!!!  Two meals out and no activity. I went to bed feeling like shit but woke up recommitted, although didn’t want to make my oats so had a bagel for breakfast.  Not so committed I guess.

UPDATE:  Thursday was better but was exhausting at home!  A full morning out with the kids.  Took over 45 minutes making us a healthy, clean lunch.  Park, slash pad, Early Years Centre to come home to no nap for my little guy.  With those of you who have napping children you know that time is PRECIOUS!  Especially when I had a workout planned with my girl.  I did let the day get to me.  I had a break down around dinner time and had to refocus.  This is the reality of anyone’s journey – shit gets in the way.  After eating a few handfuls of chocolate chips (ya, honest here!), I took a few moments to myself, got the kids to bed and went out for my Interval Workout.  Although weights were planned today, the cool summer air and time on my own outside is what my body and mind needed.  I came home refreshed!


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